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Growth Hacking Strategies

Amazing Growth Hacking Tips And Examples For Your Startup Business

Nowadays each effective business has a growing user base and expanding incomes at its core, growth hacking is in a response of boosting a significant number of these companies to the following level and helping to improve their success. Some more Growth Hacking Examples of how real world businesses have hacked their way to growth.


Facebook is one of the business world’s most prominent examples of success stories. It was obtaining very desirable users with innovative advertising campaigns that Facebook won’t totally unveil. Through creative methodologies, it could get influential people to sign up for Facebook and inconceivably increase its reach and audience.


Twitter worked out that users who took after more than 30 people will probably turn into a active user. They exploited this by tweaking the user experience to feature proposed peoples to follow upon signing up.


Quora have all acquired specialists to enable them to hack their growth, and property quite a bit of their success to growth-hacking strategies.


It started as a stage to share videos and grew from that into the giant it is today through growth-hacking techniques. This is the thought behind a “viral loop” which is a key piece of growth hacking.


LinkedIn went from 2 million users to 200 million users by using the pursuing growth hack. Anytime you search for a person’s name, organization or title, it’s probable that one of the first results you’ll see will be a LinkedIn profile.

As a beginning stage start-up, one of the most difficult challenges you will confront is getting your name out there and developing a loyal customer or fan base. So, here are 5 Amazing Growth Hacking Tips for your startup business.

Fill Your Site With Social Proof

One of the growth hacking techniques is social proof, it is a major role in alleviating this suspicion by consoling customers that a company’s product or services will, in reality, satisfy its claims. In this way, one of the best ways to expand changes is to pack your site with social proof in the form of testimonials, customer statistics, case studies, and the logos of big-name clients that have covered your brand.

 Attract Potential Customers

You can Attract your potential customers and attempt to utilize these other strategies to entice potential customers to benefactor your business and turn into a loyal and long-term customer.

  •  Utilize visuals and infographics
  •  Create content and blogging
  •  You can appreciate the advantages of visitor blogging, which differ from getting extra visitors.
  •  You can leverage on forum marketing techniques.

Set Up a Referral Program

There are a handful of startups that exploit a referral program to develop their business. Referral programs are growth hacks for startups when combined with brand advocacy, But they’ll offer some benefit regardless. The thought is to give your existing customers a motivation to urge new customers to buy your products and services or generally engage with your brand.

Giving Freebies or Rewards

Individuals love to save cash and customers love freebies. That is the reason when any organization dispatches something, regardless of whether it be a perfumes or pizza, they give away free samples to customers. The shareability and freebies are two awesome credits to influence anything to circulate around the web be it your content, product, and services. Customers should jump profound how you can use shareability and freebies to grow your startup business. The best two growth hacking techniques for:

  •  Power of Free.
  • Giving them some sort of reward or boost sharing can do wonders here.

For Example – Dropbox (a document facilitating organization) is an exemplary case who has utilized boost sharing splendidly. The organization enabled its users to share their photos or videos and offer them with their friends for free.

Influencer Marketing

It is one of the Familiar growth hacking strategies, Why Influencer Marketing Is great for your startup, As a startup, influencer marketing ought to be one of the channels you’ve intensely focused around from the beginning. You’re a startup, and that means a few of things:

  • You are restricted by both time and cash.
  • You and your group are spread thin, and you’re all going at a million miles an hour to stay aware of the businesses’ demands.
  • You will test new methodologies and double down on strategies that convey results.

Influencers enable you to scale your content creation and possibly, more vitally, its appropriation. The genuine magnificence of working with influencers is that they are speaking with an engaged audience. Utilizing the voice of influencers is the ideal approach to get data about your product and your business into individuals’ hands with insignificant cost as far as both time and cash.

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Here is no secret sauce to success, you have to come up with innovative ways to remain over the game. I hope these Amazing Growth Hacking Tips and Examples will helps to grow your Startup Business in less time. Keep growing!

Grow your Business

Business growth is simply the increase in what you are already doing. When that first thought on business hit your brain, you probably get so excited and optimistic about the idea. You may have done a lot of research on the same as well. You may have sought opinions from many, you may have grasped so much information from books, magazines or any other readily available resources. You invested a lot in terms of time, effort, money and more. So now what?

Well, congratulations!  you have successfully taken the first step. Now how about the next step, growing your business beyond its current status. Sometimes we make business far harder than it actually is. We may over think the business growth strategies. I won’t say that there is some secret recipe for growing your business but there certainly is some brilliant ideas that help you achieve some growth. Here are some  some quick tips to grow your business effectively.

How much time do you spend on Sales?

I have been asking this question to myself earlier as I crave for some growth in my business. I have mentored lot many businesses literally and the reason why a business is not performing well is directly related to the hours they spend on sales process and strategies.

Well, How much time should you spend on sales? It depends I would say. If you are running a new business you should devote at least 80% of your time to it daily. When you spend more time on selling opportunities, more doors will open, checks will get written, Good things happen.

Sales should be the most important thing in your business. Thomas Watson, the founder of IBM once said: “Nothing happens until somebody sells something”. Your ultimate aim is to sell your service or products, Why not consider spending some valuable time on that?

Diversify Your Business

This is much advanced and intense if you are ready to dig deep. Diversifying your business is more about taking risks. Think about earlier 90’s, Business was all about stability, standing firm at a point, or being good at what you do etc. But things have changed. Now, successful business is about diversifying it.

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Instead of thinking about one particular platform, one should always try for other possible areas. In terms of customers, as a business person, you should always try other possible groups of people who may get benefited by your services or products. You must always think like ‘Can I adapt my process to open up another potential client pool?’.

The idea behind Diversification begins with a question “Can we do more?”. It may be in terms of anything, Servicing, Monitoring, anything. The possibilities are limitless.

Say No To Unproductivity

Productivity is the key success factor that will change the course of the game. If you want to grow, you need to cut down the unproductive branches. Cut overhead by automating most of the non-producing items like accounting, customer care, voice mail, sales reporting, ordering, record keeping and more. This will help you improve your efficiency.

For instance, think about Project Management in any business. Imagine that they are spending too much time on unproductive tasks related to this. The best way to tackle this situation is to rely on some effective Task Management tool like Restyaboard. So the thing is, spend your valuable time on productive things that can water your growth.

Invest in Yourself

In early stages of any business, the profit will very low (or no profit at all). So make sure that any money you do make should go directly toward helping you grow. A startup’s ability to invest in itself accelerate its growth.  it’s critical to make sure that you’re redirecting any revenues back into the company. It’s vital to invest early and heavily in order to grow quickly.

Think Ahead Of Time

As an Entrepreneur, I always think beyond the present. I consider future as I plan anything new. But there is one important thing you should consider when considering Future, the Foundation. You should set the foundation in place. If your foundation is strong, it won’t be that difficult to adjust when you experience the growth, since the hardest part is already done.


Now, this is the time to reassess your position. Where do you stand? What do I miss? Well, you don’t have to go it alone! consider your staff, associates, and friends in your brainstorming. You never know what someone will come up with. The key is to balance your focus on Present as well as Future. The world is so big, it is full of possibilities. But the question is, are you ready to embrace it?