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Digital Marketing Trends For 2020

The world has already gone digital and all your business dreams as for now has been carried away by the term Digital. But do you know the word itself withhold limitless innovations within itself? Yes! Digital is not stable, it is moving and will keep on charging as the clock ticks.

Digital Marketing as being a mainstream term in today’s business has immense potentiality and is expecting a lot of changes in near future. In fact, change is never an accident, it is the result of demand. People began exploiting digital opportunities enormously and hence, the demands arise. The demands for new channels and ideas. Let’s have a quick glance at few upcoming Digital Marketing trends.

The Power Of Micro-Moments

Micro-moments are basically intent rich moments, which posses a large possibility of conversions. For instance, Micro- moments are those moments when people suddenly turn to a device in the quest for answers. That moment is the decisive moment where the customer’s expectations are at peak. And this moment really matters.

Now, Mobiles devices have gained great significance as people began to carry their digital circle along with them. Despite the place, situation or anything, they ensure their digital presence. And just like that, they now rely significantly on this platform to buy, learn and find anything. And guess what! They want it all quickly. Even purchasing a house or a property has become more common like buying grocery or finding a recipe for a dish. So, better be prepared for that tiny moment, for that moment matters the most.

Native Ads To Win Hearts

I believe that a successful advertising is about how well we place ourselves among the audience. I have encountered this embarrassing moment when an irrelevant ad pops up suddenly from nowhere and trust me! It won’t create any impression rather than a negative one. At least realize, it won’t help anymore.

Native ads are the solution for this. No more disturbing ads. Native ads will blend in seamlessly, that the users won’t get interrupted. Most importantly, it is all about placing your ad in front of the right audience.

As per the research conducted by the Polar and BI intelligence, CTR rates for premium native ads on mobile gadgets were four times higher, than the count of non-native display ads. The stats say it all.

Social Media Marketing Still Matters

Social Media delivers powerful business possibilities for everyone as it is where the 70% of internet users spend their time. Social media holds countless business opportunities such as Brand identity, Customer Satisfaction, Customer Engagement and a lot more And. It is prophesied that in coming years the B2B marketers will spend more of their time and effort in social media and hence the social media budgets will expand.

There certainly are some fundamental steps for successful social marketing. The first yet prior among all is to find the right social platform. And there are no shortcuts. It can only be achieved through consistent experimenting. Also, it is important to let go other platforms which have failed to bring the outcomes. Finally, Customers are the most important entity in your business and you need to care about their experience or how they value your relationship.

Personalized and Customer-Centric Content

A lot believe in the value of content and guess what! I am one among them. Content is effective, no doubt in that but people often ask, whenever they run across some product, service or anything. What is in it for me?. So, don’t you think that content also deserves to be personalized and customer-centric?

I often hear people talking about the effectiveness of call to actions. Yes, they are effective. In fact, very much more useful than you ever imagine. But, do you know it is 10 times more effective when you use those along with personalized content? This is what you missed. Ever heard about  StubHub? This online ticket exchange owned by eBay reportedly gained a massive  42% improvement through the personalized call to actions.

Customer-centric content is all about considering the needs of each customer, or in fact understanding each one. Consider this situation when a new visitor navigates on your website. Do you expect that visitor to become a potential conversion by delivering the content written for an existing customer? Well, that’s a NO. Obviously, you have to prepare a smart content for your new visitors, which may possibly focus on your offers, benefits, standouts and more.

Data-Driven Marketing

Do you know how crucial Data is now? Data is everything now. If you own data, you own a better understanding. And that’s the key. When it comes to digital marketing, data can be powerful enough to change the marketing perspective. As you understand the customer behavior, you will have a clear though on the things you have to do. And that indeed will bring results.

Big data has received enormous traction recently and is expected to change the whole course of marketing. And it is said that any businesses who rely more on data are 3 times likely to improve their decision-making processes. Moreover, it is much reliable when applied with advertising efforts. It let advertisers track conversion rates and other factors much accurately.

Final Words

Marketing is an ever-evolving sector and its digital version is much transparent. It offers marketers with the freedom to understand their audience, their behaviors and thereby implementing more effective strategies. In further years we expect businesses to invest more in advanced digital marketing strategies, hence benefiting them as well as the users.