How Crucial Is Data Security For Your Business?

Crucial Data security

Data security for your business

It is almost impossible to find a successful business strategy nowadays. We live in a world of innovations, AI, IoT, VR-AR, humanoids and pocket-sized computers are just a few names. So, now it’s all about digitally reinventing your business, and this is possible only by understanding your customers, their habits, their behavior and more. So, Data and Data security are the key factors you should hook your eyes upon.

With data boom, security takes on an increased significance. Almost every leading organization now consider analyzing their existing security framework. Now, the security decisions as well as investments not only rest up on CISO but also to be considered by every Senior Official as a core part of their business model.

How Technology Boom Affect Information Security?

As the user expectation has increased, It forced the business to fulfill their needs. People expect ‘more real’ in everything they buy. This is not just the case of products but services too. They expect real time interaction with the business provider and thereby demanding a flawless delivery of products or services. This is why technology is so imperative at this moment. Technology acts as a stimulant in this situation. But here comes the issue. While considering all these user intentions and satisfaction, business providers totally underestimated the vulnerabilities and the data security issues. With all the possibilities of cloud technologies, remote servers, remotely working task force, BYOD, and with an immense usage of internet, these issues have only increased

I will list out certain reasons that depict the vitality of Data security measures.

Rise In Cybercrimes

Guess you don’t need any preface for this term. In fact, you can’t tune into any news without hearing or be reading about any cybercrimes that happened recently. Not so long ago we have heard and many of us have experienced the ransomware attack. It soon turned out to be a global threat and have thrown its dark canopy of fear over many organizations. The malicious use of a software to restrict access to a computer system until a ransom is paid was a wake-up call for businesses as well as consumers.

Now, I want to remind you that Cybercrimes are no longer a rare incident and the question is not if but when, a cybercrime will knock at your door.

Irrevocable Human Errors

Well, I can really relate to this. I really felt like confessing that I have done lot many stupid mistakes as an immature techie. Human errors can be anything. It can be the deletion of any important data, poor security habits or anything that are vulnerable. But the most common mistake I have witnessed is, using public WiFi for accessing work related data. And one will never realize the impact of this until or unless he/she became the victims of Cybercrimes.

Downtime Is Costly

A lot of us intentionally ignore downtime without knowing its impact on productivity and revenue. Many organizations do not consider the downtime cost. But it can be very expensive as sometimes it may add up to tens of thousands of dollars. Today, there are few backup products offer the ability to run applications from backup instances of virtual servers. This allows users to continue operations while primary application servers are restored.

Data Security Counts

While considering today’s scenario, there is no way one could slip away from the significance of Information Security. An organization, despite its size and limits, need smart systems that can capitalize the innovations in data science.  One better solution is Cognitive Security, which supports security analysts to combat the threats. Cognitive Security Tools will be the best choice for anyone who desperate to utilize the massive amount of intelligence that exists.

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In this Digital era, Data security is not something to be taken lightly. It demands at most significance and attention. Securing your data now became equivalent to securing your business itself. And there is no doubt that Data Security has already evolved to be one of the key factors that define your success.

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  1. Still remember the ransomware attack and I am a victim too. I have implemented more secure measures to safeguard my data. Thank you for the information

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