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Tech Mahindra is to Create Next-Gen Tech Solutions in collaboration with the University of Sydney (USYD), Australia.  The main goal of the software company behind this launch is to prepare students for future jobs by mastering their skills.

In collaboration, USYD’s newcreation, i.e. developed Industry and Community Projects Unit (ICPU) will pave the way for students to provide them with real-world experience.  ICPU helps to carry out activities on projects across a wide range of fields such as health, banking, tech, law, farming,anda few others.

Throughout the four weeks, various academics supervisors and industry specialists will help the students to conduct group work that will help them to leverage modern-day techs like AI, VR, IoT,and ML at the lab of Tech Mahindra.

The new initiative will allow various students from different disciplinary backgrounds to conduct research and then work out to deliver solutions to real-world problems.

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Tech Mahindra will be looking to build a tech workforce for the future through the collaboration.

The company is envisaged to make a talent pool which is good with practical insights around disruptive techs and it can also help the Australian market, enabling Tech Mahindra to recognize young talents.

The new development is the first ICPU partnership in India.

For the new collaboration both the bodies have signed an MoU this month itself. The MoU will see both the bodies working together on security, AI, ML, blockchain, data analytics and many more.

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  1. Good post! Tech Mahindra is keep on moving. This new collaboration, both the vendors have signed an MoU this month itself is a good start.

  2. This is a an extremely helpful post. Just having an idea and how to actually step by step execute it was very well taught and having to do each content on your own and experiencing it was a great learning as well.

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